Start-Up in The Virtual World

  1. Find a group of people online with right persona to assume the role of stakeholders for empathy mapping in human centric design for the front end of application.
  2. Create a landing page and wireframes based on the meeting conclusion to conduct design research with the target customers to validate the prototype and its use case scenarios virtually. (Later, I found that some similar applications were out there using other technologies for telemedicine already.)
  3. Recruit a team of engineers to work remotely on the proposed solution for the backend process. From my experience, I calculated that the price tag for such an initiative could be hundreds of thousand dollars with a dozen people from different background.
  4. Alternatively, start the product development by working with partners in the ecosystem on “job to be done” as a Service platforms to come up with the first version of application by a smaller team remotely. Then, gradually dealt with technical debts to improve the application through incremental releases in the future.



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Suhwe Lee

Suhwe Lee


Lifelong learner with passions in augmenting human capacity for digital transformation.