Disruption to Coaching Profession

Being a learning consultant and coach for digital transformation, my greatest fear was the disruption to my own profession. However, the most effective way to deal with challenge and crisis (危機) is to take it as an opportunity for change (轉機).

In general, digital transformation involves the following iterations of steps to improve productivity and performance: 1) challenge, 2) prioritization, 3) optimization, 4) design, 5) automation, 6) analysis, and 7) orchestration.


As a coach, my challenge is to go through the following labor-intensive process for each coaching session: 1) preparing for the session, 2) conducting coaching activities, 3) documenting meeting outcome, and 4) monitoring and tracking the progress and result.


Before coaching session, I need to go over the history and records to prepare for discussion, decision, and follow-up actions. The most labor-intensive part among my coaching works is in history and record keeping for tracking my coaching activities. To reduce the efforts of documentation and preparation will drastically improve my productivity and effectiveness to serve more clients in coaching and progress tracking.


How do I document all the coaching records for preparation of each coaching session? How can I create dashboard and visualization to monitor and track progress with insights?


Create an online database for record keeping and retrievals. Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to my database for dashboard, analysis, recommendation, and feedback.


An automated platform for history and record keeping database that compiles all my coaching activities and conclusion will save time in preparation and tracking for my coaching works.


With help from AI and machine learning, the platform can provide data analysis and visualization for additional insights in monitoring and tracking.


I can run a collection of all the tasks that organize in a way that reflects their relationships and dependencies of my database for machine learning and feedback recommendation.


The good news is that there are more and more online coaching platforms, tools, and business models evolved to meet my needs for an unavoidable transformation and to make my life easier without threats in the future.

Lifelong learner with passions in augmenting human capacity for digital transformation.