I have used this "Musk's Favorite Interview Question" for hiring over decades. But, I either got the prepared answers or some dumb problems to surprise me.

My Favorite Interview Question is to give a challenging problem that my team had solved and then sit back to observe how the candidate deals with it.

I want to know a candidate's thought process. Even though none of them gave me the correct answer, I worked with my team to determine how bad the candidate messed up under the given situation to search for the person's potential talent.

R Shaped Recovery

Most of us are familiar with the life cycle of bell shaped curve from birth to death. It is a cruel reality of life from wearing dipper, growing teeth and hairs, to losing all of them in the end. Sadly, in society, economy, and politics, we love…

Being a learning consultant and coach for digital transformation, my greatest fear was the disruption to my own profession. However, the most effective way to deal with challenge and crisis (危機) is to take it as an opportunity for change (轉機).

In general, digital transformation involves the following iterations of…

From my impromptu startup experience during pandemics, I now understand what Steve Jobs meant by:” ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

I always told myself that if I were a CEO or founder, I would do things differently with great leadership etc. …

During COVID-19 disruption, there have been different voices about social distancing vs. herd immunity. My answer is “it all depends on which country or community you belong to.”

While battling with coronavirus virus, cyber threats with digital viruses have sneakily crawled around us from all directions in the virtual world.

AI assisted lifelong learning

I started my career as an engineer in artificial intelligence(AI) and data science over 35 years ago at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Many of my friends were specialists in AI or Robotics. But, the job opportunities for us were quite limited back then. I ended up changing…

Suhwe Lee

Lifelong learner with passions in augmenting human capacity for digital transformation.

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